About Us


About the brand

In 1997 the Kingsons brand was established as a stylish yet affordable range of digital bags. Over the following years the range grew into one of the worlds leading brand of laptop bags.

Currently Kingsons has offices located around the world and is well recognized for unique and innovative designs. Our motto of “style-meets-function” is the driving force that helps pave the way for each new idea and improvement around the different styles that are created.


About the factory

The Kingsons factory is located in Huadu district, 20 minutes from Guangzhou international airport.

The factory is ISO9001:2008 compliant and has amassed over 100 technology patents in the last 15 years.

Occupying over 35000m² and employing more 300 people, the Kingsons factory has a production capacity of around 4 million bags per year.

Materials pass through the QC department before any bags are stitched to ensure only the best quality makes it to the production lines. During production and again, once all the bags are finished, a strict QC check takes place in order guarantee that nothing but the best quality leaves the factory.